Registration information

 The 18th MCDC 2023 will be hosted from June 28 to 29, 2023 in Munich.

Registration was closed on 19th of June 2023.

The mandatory conference fee for on-site attendence of 70,00 € is an overhead fee for complimentary snacks and beverages during coffee breaks, converia software utilisation fee, abstract book, etc.

To register, please click "Register as attandee" and log in with your existing account from previous conferences (password reset is possible) or create a new account. Afterwards, please enter your individual registration code, which was sent to you via email. If you want to participate and did not already get a code or if you want to bring accompanying persons, please inform the conference secretary.

Cancellations can be made in written form only and will only be accepted if recieved by 19th of June 2023. A cancellation fee of 50,00 € will apply. Any cancellation after this date or no-shows at the event are not eligible for a refund and the fee in accordance to the registration invoice or confirmation will be due. Any changes in booking, after booking confirmation has been issued, will result in a handling fee of 20,00 €. Any requested additions to existing reservations or reservations made during the event on-site will be processed according to availability.